Bluing Services
Hot Bluing
When most people think about gun bluing, they picture the black-oxide coating (bluing) found on modern firearms from the factory. This form of bluing firearms is refereed to as Hot Bluing and has been used by most manufacturers since the early 1900's. The black coating is is achieved by boiling the prepared steel parts in a chemical solution that controls the oxidization process resulting in the rich black gun bluing.  

Hot bluing is not recommended on any firearm with soft-soldered components. Virtually all double shotguns made prior to World War II are soft-soldered and should be Rust Blued. Our Hot Bluing can not be applied to stainless steel or aluminum. 

Available Hot Blue Finish Options:
Matte is a sandblasted non reflective finish.

Deluxe Finish replicates most manufacturers bluing finish up to 400 grit.

Master Finish is a high gloss mirror polish that replicates S&W or Colt finish.

Rust Bluing
Gunsmiths offered guns with blued barrels and other components as early as the 1600's. The formulas they used for their bluing compounds were a closely guarded secrets. Rust Bluing is a time-consuming process to undertake, traditional rust bluing actually rusts the surface of the steel. Through the bluing process the layers of rust coatings result in an extremely durable and abrasion resistant blued finish. The color obtained in rust bluing can range from black to a blue-grey, normaly rust bluing is not a high gloss finish but rather a very subdued luster, dulled by the etching process.

Virtually all double shotguns made prior to World War II are soft-soldered and should be rust blued.

Fire or Nitre Bluing
Fire bluing or Nitre bluing is a traditional finish that gunsmiths and major firearms manufactures, used during the later part of the nineteenth century, and is an visually pleasing side effect of the heat treating process. The colors usually range from a straw yellow, to dark purples or robins egg blues. Fire bluing adds the finishing touches to restorations by adding the proper distinctive color to specific components.
Fire or Nitre Bluing
Staring at $35.00 per part 3 or more parts will be will be priced at a package rate.