How to ship to T & D
We accept shipments from USPS, UPS and FedEX. Handguns MUST be sent FedEx. We only use UPS and USPS for return shipping. T & D Metal Works will only return guns to the customer at the address that the gun was shipped from.

Dealers please include a copy of your Federal Firearms License.

When Sending your firearm(s) to T & D Metal Works, please include a letter with the following information:

1.) Your Name

2.) Your Address ** No P.O. Boxes**

3.) Phone Number

4.) Email Address (Optional.) 

5.) A short description of what services you would like preformed by our professional staff.
If a gun needs repair or maintenance please describe the malfunction(s) to the best of your ability to assure our gunsmith is aware of all known issues with firearm.

Send Packages to:

T & D Metal Works
7796 S County Road 100 E
Cloverdale,IN 46120

The better your firearm is packaged the safer it will be during shipping. We recommend using the following packing precautions.

1.) Wrap tightly in a layer of bubble wrap.
 **For additional safety a heavy layer of news paper before bubble wrap **

2.) Pack firearm in a box that is large enough to fit the gun and packing materials without swelling the box.
If you send a hard case,enclose it in a cardboard box for added security from damage or theft during shipping.

**Tip: Center the gun in the box then fill the extra space in the box with crumpled news paper, bubble wrap, foam, etc. to isolate the gun from the box sides.**

3.)Insure the gun for what you think it is worth.

Packaging your gun for shipment: