Nickel Plating Service
Nickel plating is an attractive form of corrosion protection that has a long history in the firearms industry. Nickel was a common finish upgrade choice in the late 1800's and early 1900's on special ordered firearms and continues to add classic looks to modern and custom built firearms.

Nickel plating has a very slight yellow color to it,and can be finished in verity of sheen options and high polished nickel can double as chrome.

At T & D our electrode-plating process starts with a base coat of copper for the best adhesion of the nickel. The copper strike coat helps deliver a smooth bright high luster finish to all nickel sheen options.

Stripping of old nickel is required before the application of new nickel.

Gold Plating is available for triggers and other small parts

Plating of Aluminum parts require additional processes  to be plated and will require additional charges.