Restoration Details
What is firearm restoration? Making an old gun look new? That definition is close,but not completely accurate. Restoration of anything is the careful reconstruction of that particular item so that it is as close to original new condition as possible. The most important factors in any type of restoration project are skill of the restorer, available resources, turnaround time and cost. High quality firearm restorations take a great deal of skill and knowledge in a variety of finishing processes. 

When restoring firearm, the gun must not only look good but it must function properly and be safe to shoot. The key to any restoration project is the surface preparation of the wood, metal or both. One of the most overlooked details of modern firearm manufacturing is the fit and finish of the final product. In a restoration project, the most attention is given to the wood to metal fit at mating surfaces. 

At T & D Metal Works we strive to to provide you with the best possible restoration for your firearm using the proper period correct finishes when possible.